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"They are such knowledgeable mechanics. Great detailed service, you know what you are getting is top notch, and great prices for the work done. If you have a BMW, or any car for that matter, it is the only shop to take you car to for anything you need."-Ali

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"Giving Hidden Motorsports 5 stars for their awesome customer service. I was driving through Ohio on my way back to NY and got a Service Engine Soon light. Being in an E46 M3, I wanted to get it checked out ASAP and stopped by Hidden Motorsports. They did not disappoint, and were able to diagnose the issue and give me some peace of mind. Excellent customer service, if I lived in Ohio I would undoubtedly use these guys for my servicing needs. Thank you so much Carl & the Techs at Hidden Motorsports." -A A

Check out our Youtube Channel

"After a full day of driving her around, I was confident that this job was well done in the real sense of the word. In top of all of this, they worked much longer on the job than I was charged, simply because they wanted the job to be PERFECT. Thank you so much! I will be back for more upgrades on the C8 and bringing my BWM and Mercedes for maintenance soon…" -Rene

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