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*T is for Turbo*

TEACH THE ALPHABET WITH CAR PARTS! New Board Book Format offers sturdy pages for no worry page flipping or chewing! T is for Turbo ABC Book combines learning the Alphabet with an introduction to Automotive Parts. With detailed illustrations of real life car parts, your child can easily learn his or her ABC's MotorHead Style!


*The Sprocket Rocket*

The 4th Story and 6th Book in theMotorHead Garage Children’s Book Series. Introduce your child to the importance of Motorcycle Safety and Fun at the earliest age possible! With vibrant illustrations and exciting sound effects, you and your child will be entertained and informed.“Make sure you look twice and also once more,To see what is coming; And again to be sure!”


*Brocky, The Brave Little Race Truck*

Vaughn Gittin Jr. and Michael J. Myers team up to bring you Brocky, The Brave Little Race Truck and his Rocky Climb to the Top. Never giving up, giving your best and HAVING FUN is the theme for this new adventure. This is the 5th story and 7th book in the MotorHead Garage Children’s Book Series.


*The NOISY Snails*

 The premiere book of the MotorHead Garage Productions series that puts high performance racing action into the minds and hearts of children. Through rhyming text, sounds effects and vibrant illustration, your child will be introduced to some of the key aspects of racing and car modification. In this story a classic Turbocharger VS. Supercharger rivalry is born between the Twin Snails and Walter "The Whiny" Supercharger. It will educate and thrill the child and at the same time entertain their MotorHead parents.


*The Whiney Supercharger*

 The heart wrenching sequel to The Noisy Snails. With the proper support, Walter makes his return to working order. Only after a tough recovery is he able to rejoin his friends back on the road. During this unfortunate time, the Motorhead Garage group realizes how important each member of this “family” really is.


*The Sideways Sliders*

An action packed story that introduces the young reader to the “skid style” racing scene, known as drifting. Sid, Slyder and Slomo make up the drifting group known as the Sideways Sliders. In the story The Sideways Sliders, this group of three friends find out the hard way why it is so important to stay safe while having fun drifting. A night full of fun takes an unexpected turn that leads to surprising consequences the following morning. Drifting can be a safe and controlled sport if the correct precautions are in place.



Motorhead Garage Productions - Children's Books Series

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